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Pacific Group Coin

Invest without any risck

The minimum expected return is 70% per annum
How to buy PacificCoin token?

Selling tokens price  $1

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Write us an e-mail and we will give you the opportunity to buy our token with crypto currency or US dollars or Euros
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Invest in the real business of an existing company

We are engaged in wholesale of many goods. The main them are presented on the main page of the site.
In addition, we sell products of our own production, such as this game, which has no analogues in the world for a smartphone / tablet or self-loading holsters for pistols. And your money will bring income, including from the sale of wholesale parties holsters and other goods.

How to invest?

You can use Waves platform

or ask us about different way 

to make payment

  1. Register on the Waves platform using the link >>>

  2. Having filled all the data in your account, request free Waves tokens, which you can use as a commission payment when exchanging your investments with PacificCoin tokens.

  3. Transfer to your personal account in the Waves system USD, EURO, bitcoin or ETH.

  4. After completing the transaction, you can go to the Waves EXCHANGE section and on the sales/purchase page, in the selection of the tokens, type PacificCoin.

  5. ATTENTION: Be careful when choosing a token. Our PacificCoin token has the Identifier: 5sZRdg4c6VJvgr9e8J4E7snR6VFM1Nzk3re2xRfzzhja. Compare this number with the one the system tells you. They must coincide!

  6. Enter the required number of PacificCoin tokens to buy and click the buy button.

You became an investor of our company!


If for some reason you are not satisfied with the purchase of PacificCoin tokens on the Waves platform, please let us know by the feedback form, and we will offer you other options for buying our tokens, including for any currency and for crypto currency.