How to install the device on the crib?

Device installation consists of installation the magnet on the movable part of the crib and the installation the drive unit on the standing part of the crib. In the equilibrium position the magnet should be located above one of the labels drawn on the drive unit.

There are a few simple rules that must be followed during installation.

  • The positioning error of the magnet over the label at the equilibrium position shall not exceed 2 mm.

  • Distance from the device housing (drive unit) to the magnet should be about 1.5 mm.

  • The device must operate on the repulsion, not the attraction. One side of magnet is marked. The magnet is placed with mark inside the hole.

  • The pendulum swing mechanism of the crib should work without rubbing.

The procedure of installation of the device on the bed:

  1. Select the installation location of the device, mark places for holes.

  2. With the Forstner drill Ø15 mm make a hole for magnet in the movable part of the crib. The hole depth is 8 mm. 

  3. Insert or glue the magnet into the hole with mark inside.

  4. In the fixed part of the crib drill two holes Ø11 mm and with hexagon screw two spigots into them.

  5. Secure the drive unit on crestana.

  6. Attach crestana to the crib by screwing two screws into installed spigots.

  7. Adjust the position of the device and of the magnet: 

Now connect the power supply to the device, start the swing and the crib will begin to rock.


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