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The author and manufacturer of all designer ornaments from Venetian glass in this section is Anna Ivanova, a professional artist, a member of the Creative Union of Artists. Here are presented the author's works of Anna from the art glass, made only manually on an open fire using the lampwork technology.

Work on every glass bead for Anna is the creation of a complete work of art. Venetian glass has picturesque qualities (color), the ability to work with a shape (sculpture) and play with light.

Anna has been working with glass since 2010, before that she was engaged in painting, ceramics and teaching.

All the ornaments made by Anna from the glass lampwork exist in a single copy and underwent additional annealing in the furnace (hardening) to give the glass more strength.

Anna Ivanova

How does Anna make wonderful jewelry for you?

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ATTENTION: It is impossible to manufacture goods precisely because each product is manufactured only by hand. Flow lines, stamps and conveyors are not used in the work.


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