Are You Already sells products "Augmented Reality"?

Modern buyer very spoiled and very little could be surprised. A huge number of our digital products filled the shelves. Customers versed in technical innovations are often much better than the sellers. They know everything about mobile phones, smartphones and smart bracelets. Owners of retail chains and shops are now difficult to offer for sophisticated buyer a decent device, which will surprise his.

But we know WHAT to offer them!

Helmets, glasses and other accessories of augmented reality for the ordinary person still in wonder as their cost is too high and technical capabilities still improve. Also, popularity and marketability of such goods yet low.

ARacer PG Car

However, our developers are not sitting idle and have developed a unique exciting game - a real smart toy car ARacing PG Car, - based on the principle of augmented reality for huge FOUR categories of buyers:

  • White-collar: office staff, managers, administrators and top-managers

  • Youth, young people, teenagers and students

  • Children: small children and pupils, who can play together

  • Anime Fans. Lover of visual novels, mobile and PC games

Since this product has a huge audience of potential buyers is no doubts in popularity of this inexpensive device and high financial turnover.

Your logo and symbols

Each set of a product includes six objects, in practical and convenient packing. At the order of lot we are ready to make it under your trademark or a brand. In the world there are no analogs similar fascinating and cheap a device for such wide target audience of buyers yet!

What explains

the success of this product?

  • Augmented reality: the device uses the latest achievements of the largest world innovative centers

  • This is a clever compact car: it placed on the screen of your smartphone, it is possible to carry

  • Free application: for installation of a game on your smartphone you download the free application

  • Fascinating technology of a game: a toy car during the movement behaves like a real car: vibrates, sways, blinking. It so carries away that it is heavy to come off to both the child and the adult

  • You can to play in network, to compete to friends

  • You can choose different models of cars: Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron, Land Rover, Blue Phantom and others

The Winner Takes It All

Be the first among dealers of this innovative game.

Contact us for specification of cost of concrete lot of devices and free placement of your logo.

The game for smartphones, which has no analogues in the world.


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