The rocking device for baby crib with a pendulum mechanism

How it works?
Totally silent – no hum or squeak!
Does not contain any moving parts – no motors and thread which reduces the reliability!
Does not increase the dimensions of the cribs, does not alter its external and presentation
The rocking timer from 10 minutes to 24 hours – your baby rocks as much as you decide (models T103 and T104)
6 levels of rocking intensity – (models T102, T103 and T104). You can choose the most comfortable mode for your baby!
Starting the rocking on the child crying with adjustable microphone sensitivity (models T103 and T104)

We offer four models of our product

The device has 6 intensities of rocking, the timer and reaction to crying of the kid. It operated with any modern smartphone, tablet, PC. The web server inside! English interface for international customers!

 Wi-Fi "Quietly" SKU T104
Retail price 140 USD

    How to operate with "Quietly"

The rocking device is controlled by web-based interface through your usual Internet browser (eg, Chrome or Safari) from any phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

It isn't required to install any software! Connection to the Internet also isn't required. Works on all operating systems and platforms!

Do you have Wi-Fi network in your local place? The rocking device can be connected to it in station mode. Do you haven't any Wi-Fi network? The rocking device can organize it by itself in access point mode.

 Model SKU T101 Very easy to use

A simple device with a 1 intensity of the rocking without a remote control. To start the rocking you need to push the crib with your hand and to stop the rocking you need to stop it by hand.

Retail price 70 USD
 Model SKU T102
Advanced options

Device with 6 intensities of the rocking. Little keychain remote control with 4 buttons.

Retail price 110 USD
 Model SKU T103
Advanced options

The device has 6 intensities of rocking, the timer and reaction to crying of the kid. The remote control with the screen and feedback.

Retail price 135 USD

It is simple to buy the device!

  1. You leave the request any way you want

  2. Our manager contacts with you to coordinate the details of your order, payment and delivery

  3. We ship the device to any country

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